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Famitip is an online research company for families, granting parents confidence when acquiring products or services for their children. Famitip’s search platform relies on recommendations from users based on their actual experiences and promotes the top categories parents want advice on. Our mission is to make inquiring simpler for parents and make them feel convinced about their decisions.



As a mom of two little ones, I research and ask questions about everything I do with my kids from planning their birthday parties, learning which products are the safest to which doctor will care the most. While doing my research everywhere, I noticed other parents were doing the same thing all day long throughout all their social media platforms. I also noticed that once I asked around, I got overflown with information and recommendations without an easy way of analyzing which best fits my needs. With this in mind I came up with Famitip, so parents would have a simple and reliable method to look for recommendations.

Mothers and fathers want to hear what others are buying, who they are buying from, how they are doing it and where they are going. We trust your recommendations, we hope you trust us!