A real Lego story

Once upon a time on our son’s birthday, he received a Lego with 245 pieces as a gift. He was over the top excited to start building it.  The next morning he woke up and said “I behaved very good yesterday, can I please open my Lego?” Of course, mom and dad melted and said yes. And this is how the real Lego story begins:


10:00 a.m.: Dad and son open the box, then they open the big bag and more little bags. Even before starting on step 1, dad is picking up all the flying pieces from the floor. At that moment, they open the instructions and they start step by step.


10:30 a.m / Step 21: Dad  wonders where is the yellow piece that goes on top of the grey piece that goes next to the black piece and then you have to turn around to stick it in with the white piece. 


10:45 a.m / Step 44: Dad curses from the living room because he missed a piece on step 34 and has to remove 5 pieces to continue towards the following step.


11:00 a.m. / Step 53: Dad looses patience so cheerful mom tells the kid she will finish phase 2 with him.


11:23 a.m / step 75: Kid looses complete interest on the lego and mom asks him several times to pay attention or they will finish it later, although mom continues building it because now she is determined to complete it.


11:48 a.m. / Step 80: Kid spends 10 minutes drinking water.


11:53a.m/ step 87: It was time for the stickers and mom thought kid had gained interest again but it was a false alarm, it lasted only 15 seconds


11:58 a.m. / Step 95: mom yelled another 10 times because kid has left the table and mom is playing all by herself now. 


On behalf of the kid, mom and dad want to thank the grandparents for buying a Lego recommended for kids two years older than what the son is and a special thanks goes to  Lego for creating adult toys targeted to children. 


12:30 p.m:  Kids are hungry, baby needs a nap, mom and dad are looking though the Lego’s instruction book to see if they skipped the lunch menu page.



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