The real parent addiction

I repeatedly said I wasn’t going to do it but I caved. I tried to convince myself that I was pressured into it but the reality is that I let myself be influenced by society and I don’t regret it one bit. It was so exciting that I am thinking of doing it again. Although, next time I’ll prepare myself ahead of time for the adrenaline of anxiously  waiting  for that one email from the photographer letting me know my baby’s first photo shoot was ready. I don’t how it took me so long to try it, I figured the 9,000 pictures on my cell phone were enough with my first-born; however, when my daughter was born something inside of me changed.

Her first birthday was approaching only six short months away  and I made sure to start planning ahead of time. My Pinterest was about to explode, pins of cake smashes and extravagant dessert tables on all my boards. I was way in over my head, items were being added and removed by the minute  on Oriental Trading, Amazon, Etsy and Party City. Then, the greatest thing happened,  I found “the theme” I wanted and I knew I was ready to search for photographers in the area. I looked closely at their portfolios, their creativity, their prices and then came the long task of finding one available on the date I needed it.

The day of the photo shoot finally arrived,  I was so nervous on how my baby was going to react. I made sure to schedule the photographer at 11:26 a.m.,  30 minutes after the nap so she wouldn’t be cranky and giving me enough t time to do everything in order to pick up my son from school afterwards. I dressed my little girl with a pink tutu and all dolled up she was ready to go.  it took a while before she actually wanted to touch the cake but after the first taste, it was all a success.

Although the planning was nerve wrecking, once I took a good look at those 8 out of 50 pictures I chose for the photographer to edit, I felt a relief. I knew those beautifully orchestrated images of my baby were going to be mine forever. I realized all that exhausting work was worth every minute  and every cent spent. My family won’t probably like it but I am planning a photo session for the four of us in the park next spring, we are all going to be dressed in jeans, white shirts and All Stars. I think I may have an addiction and need photo treatments, Please Help!!


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