The yin and yang of parenthood

We are all probably familiar with the yin and yang symbol (see below) but how can we relate its meaning to our feelings as parents? This ancient philosophy explains how opposite components complement each other to make everything complete so when they interrelate they can create stronger forces; a few examples could be water and fire or higher and lower. This theory  made me realize how we are always describing our roles as parents as the good or bad cop. We are constantly feeling like we are being graded on our family styles and how we manage every situation but I suggest we turn things around and reflect our behaviors as parents with the methodology of the yin and yang:

Day and Night

We feel like sergeants who yelled at our children all day long but as exhausted as we may be, we end the night feeling like Celine Dione when we sing them their good night songs

Health and Sickness

We may believe we are stricter for making our children eat healthy and nutritious meals but in reality we are their guardians preventing them from getting sick by not letting them eat junk food all day.

Hot and Cold

We may feel like cold creatures who need their own time and space but keep in mind how much warmth we felt from their kisses and big hugs

Active and Calm

We feel this guilt of abusing screen time when we need them to calm down and relax but instead we could relive all the joy we felt from seeing them jump up and down


Parenthood is not a competition of earned points at the end of the day, there is no +2 points for cooking organic carrots or -2 points for making the kids wear mismatched socks. Let’s avoid the title of police officers instead we can call ourselves human beings who happen to be parents. As hard as some days may seem, use the positive and negative effect of this  ingenious ideology to remember we are yielding our lives in order to raise an absolute and powerful child.



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